Original Scanmatik 2 PRO J2534 PassThru Multi-diagnostic & SAE J2534,RP1210 Programming Device

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Original Scanmatik 2 PRO J2534 PassThru Multi-diagnostic & SAE J2534,RP1210 Programming Device

New features of Scanmatik 2 PRO:

Galvanic isolation of the USB port (with power);
Redesigned protection of K-lines and CAN buses on a new element base;
Increased speed of work via Bluetooth by about 20%;

Advantages OF SCANMATIK 2 Passthru:

Compatible with PC, tablet & smartphone ,via USB or Bluetooth,package comes with The software for Windows and Android
Widest support for a large number of diagnostic programs and flashers made for standard interfaces SAE J2534 and RP1210.
An additional CAN bus on pins 12-13 running in 12H-13L or 12L-13H configuration.
Full support of peripheral units on GM (GDS2) and VAZ/Renault cars:
SM2 PRO completely replaces the DPA5 / Nexiq / Inline-6 ​​devices with support for all protocols and a much more nimble and convenient connection via Bluetooth;
The implementation of the standard RP1210C – without any restrictions;
Full support for J2534 standard boot loaders such as Chrysler Flash Application, Combiloader, Chiploader, ECU Flasher, PCMFlash, Ford Module Programming Tool, Forscan, GM GDS-2 / SPS, Hino Diagnostic Explorer 150, HONDA HDS, MMC Flasher, Cummins INSITE, Cummins Calterm III, as well as many others.
Supported data buses:
13 x ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (K-LINE);
1 x J1850VPW;
1 x J1850PWM;
4 x CAN;
1 x Single Wire CAN

Scanmatik 2 PRO Programming Models:

VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Oka, ZAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Ravon, Chery, BYD, Geely, Great Wall, Lifan, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Izh, KAMAZ, MAZ, PAZ, OBD2.

Scanmatik 2 PRO Description

Power supply voltage: 5... 36V from the vehicle network or USB (galvanic isolation with power supply);
Current consumption,less than 350mA;
Pulsed power supplies of the company's own design (no heating, wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V);
Built-in multiplexer for switching diagnostic lines;
Load-Dump power surge protection (when the generator is switched off on a running engine).
Programming voltage supply (5-24V) to the OBD2 connector pins: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14;
AUX programming voltage output (via an additional cable);
Bluetooth range, no less than: 10m (Class 2);
Adapter dimensions (L x W x H), less than: 970×750×220mm;
Weight of the device in the basic configuration, less than 1 kg.

Package list:   
1pc x  Scanmatik 2 PRO Host
1pc x  Main Cable
1pc x  USB Cable
1pc x Cigarette Cable