Godiag GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector

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Godiag GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector

GODIAG ECU IMMO Prog AD GT105 is a special connection adapter developed for automobile maintenance technicians, anti-theft matching technicians, ECU programming engineers, etc. It is used for short-circuiting OBD2 in the car for anti-theft activation matching, ECU diagnosis and programming connection, and drawing power from the vehicle’s battery for outdoor on-site vehicle maintenance. 

Product Highlights:
A full-protocol ECU connection line for ECU programming power adjustment
OBD2 independent PIN 4 body GND, PIN5 signal GND for special programming of some modules.
PIN4 and PIN5 can be switched between short-circuit and non-short-circuit. 
Standard OBD2 independent PIN4, PIN5.
Pure copper female seat supports repeated insertion and removal, and has a long service life.
Battery clip treated with environmentally friendly salt spray, with a thickness of 0.5mm.
The DC car battery cable adopts 0.75mm² 2-core sheathed cable, which supports DC5.5*2.5/ DC5.5*2.1 interface.
The DC connector has a resettable 7A fuse.
DC power interface, dedicated laboratory power connector.
Product Functions:
IMMO AD power adapter function. After 2016,  for Ford all smart keys lost, GT105 cooperates with VVDI equipment (OBDSTAR, AUTEL,) and other anti-theft matching equipment to program the keys.
All car keys lost matching---wake up the meter or wake up the anti-theft ECU. (Support VAG 4th and 5th generation anti-theft, Toyota ECU synchronization, auxiliary Mitsubishi all key lost matching or all lost remote control key setting, old Porsche Cayenne car for anti-theft key learning.)
VPW, CANH, CANL, K-Line indicator lights can judge the communication status between the vehicle and the diagnostic programming device.  (If the product is used to connect the device, the user can simply judge whether the diagnostic programming is normal or not according to whether the device can send communication.)
The GT105 power adapter cable obtains 12V power from the car battery. (For programming equipment such as Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad, VVDI Prog, CGDI Prog, IM608, etc., it provides 12V power supply when they need power outdoors, so as to read the data of BMW BENZ anti-theft ECU, or other car ECUs, and finally realize the on-site maintenance of outdoor faulty vehicles. )
Provide 12V power supply for the key cutter (12V).
Standard OBD2 full protocol ECU programming line. (With MPPS, FGTech, Kess v2, etc., for ECU data reading and writing, ECU cloning, ECU tuning, etc.) (Note: OBD2 full protocol ECU programming line is purchased separately)

godiag gt105 obdii port
godiag gt105 display


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