GODIAG Power Circuit Probe Tester - DC 6V to 40V Auto Electrical System Tester, Open Short Finder, Relay Tester

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Godiag Power Circuit Probe Tester Feature:

1. Comprehensive Kit, Incredible Savings: Godiag probe tester comes with a wide range of accessories at a fraction of the cost. You'll save big while enjoying the convenience of having everything you need in one comprehensive kit.
2. Suitable for All Vehicles: Whether you're working on cars, motorcycles, trucks, or even ships and tractors, our tester's DC 6-40v compatibility makes it the ideal solution for diagnosing electrical systems in any vehicle.
3. Protection: The circuit tester features a reverse connection protection circuit, providing peace of mind during positive and negative line judgment. Plus, the built-in 10 amp circuit breaker ensures your equipment is safeguarded from excessive current.
4. Easy Injector Testing & Cleaning: GODIAG GT101 Power Digital Tester includes a DIY injector cleaning adapter kit, allowing you to keep your injectors in top shape. Detect and solve issues like clogs with ease, ensuring optimal injector performance.
5. Clear Display & Convenience: Equipped with a digital color display, reading voltage and current data is now a breeze. With a built-in flashlight and LED bi-color light makes for easy viewing in direct sunlight or complete darkness. The 20ft test cord grants excellent accessibility for testing around the vehicle.

Key Function of GODIAG Electric Circuit Tester

    Performs every type of service including power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, continuity testing and components activation.
    Easy-to-read volt-ammeter allows you to read voltage and current at your fingertips.
    With a flip of the output switch, you have positive and negative electricity via the probe for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, etc.
    Simultaneously uses the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand.
    Instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits.
    Tests for bad ground contacts instantly, allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses.
    Instantly checks continuity of switches and relays.
    Circuit breaker protected .
    Built-in Flashlight enables you to work in the dark .
    Audio tone indicator allows for no-look menu scrolling once users are familiar with menu tone assignment .
    20ft (can be extended via extendable cable port) cable provides excellent accessibility to test along the vehicle.
    Extremely easy to use and highly reliable.
    Used for DC 6-40v cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, engineering vehicles, vessels, tractors, mining vehicles and other vehicles that use DC circuits.

 Package List

    1x GODIAG Power Circuit Probe Tester
    1 x Clip to Connect Battery
    1 x Probe
    1 x Probe Cap
    1 x Fuel Injector Test Lead
    1 x 10mm Fuel Injector Cleaning Connector
    1 x 12mm Fuel Injector Cleaning Connector
    1 x Simple Relay Test Adapter
    5 x Simple Relay Connection Leads
    1 x English Manual
    1 x Storage Bag


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